外国人と日本人が気軽に集まれる、地域のスペースを作ります! I’m making a community place where foreigner and Japanese people can get together.


ナマステ。みやまです。Namaste. This is Miyama.

GW真っ只中、実家の両親が娘2歳と遊んでくれている間にこれを書いてます。Amid the golden week holidays in Japan, while my parents are playing with my 2 years old daughter outside, I am writing this blog.(で、書き終わる前にGW終わっちゃった…笑。Then, GW holidays has already gone before I upload this article..lol.)

さて、突然何を言い出したかというと‥ First of all, what am I suddenly saying like this..?


Actually, this is something I have wanted to do from before.

どこで? 自分が今住んでいる千葉県松戸市で

Where?: In Matsudo city, Chiba where I live these days.

どんな人を対象に? 海外の人・海外ルーツの人・海外に行ったことのある人・外国の文化や言葉に興味がある人・人と接するのが好きな人などなど

With whom?: Foreigners, Those whose parent is from overseas, Those who have been to abroad, Those who are interested in foreign culture and languages, Those who love to meet people…

何をやりたいの? 世間話をしたり、困っていることがあったら助け合ったり、ぼーっとしたり、お茶飲んだり。などなど。

What do I want to do?: To chit-chat, To help each other if somebody wants it, To relax, To have a cup of tea/coffee etc.

インド人友達と娘💕 My Indian friend and daughter

スペースの名前は。Name of the place would be…

                                               バナナかぞく  Banana kazoku

にしようかと思っています🍌 Banana kazoku, meaning “Banana family.”

由来は…娘がバナナ大好きなのです😋 あと、バナナって割と世界中どこの人にも馴染みがあるかなぁ…と思いまして。(人種差別系の隠喩でもあるけど…それは今回は無視!)

The reason why I chose “banana” is because my daughter loves bananas. Also, I think bananas are quite familiar to people all over the world. Although bananas are sometimes used for racism, this time I want to use positive meaning of them.)


Then, I chose the word “kazoku”(family) because I hope the place would be fun and happy place with relaxing atmosphere. Actually there are various “family” in the society, though.

何が決まってるかというと‥ Is there anything already decided?


“When” and “Where” have already almost decided.

いつ: 2022年6月8日(水)から 毎週水曜日 14:00〜18:00 の予定。

When: From 8th June, 2022 (Wed). On every Wednesday between 14:00 and 18:00.

どこで: JR常磐線松戸駅東口から徒歩7分ほどのシェアアトリエNeiroで。メインはひとみさんの積み木教室&純子さんのヨガ教室。

Where: At Atelier Neiro. It takes 7 mins by walk from the East exit of Matsudo station (JR Joban line). Mainly used as building blocks class for small children and parents, also yoga class.

→まちかどアトリエNeiroのページはこちらから♪ The website of Atelier Neiro is from here. (Japanese only)

🌟ただいま、アトリエスタートのためのクラウドファンディングを実施中です!(2022年5月31日まで)(Crowdfunding is going on until 31st, May. I guess this page is Japanese only..)

で、今のところの計画は.. Then, what is planned as of now..?


2 things I want to do at Banana Kazoku.

外国人・外国ルーツの人・日本人が集まれる多文化スペース International community space which foreigners, people whose parent are from abroad and Japanese can get together

  • 幼児や小学生など子どもが遊べる
  • 世間話を気軽にできる
  • 日本語の読み書きが難しい人に、日本語の手紙や書類を簡単に読んであげられる
  • 外国人・外国ルーツの人が主役で何かしてもらう(例:自分の母語で絵本を読んでもらう会、とか
  • 他に、面白そうなこと
  • Small children and kids can play in the room.
  • People can sit back and chit-chat in a comfortable atmosphere.
  • For those who have difficulty in reading and writing Japanese, to help them in reading and writing.
  • Foreigners and people whose parent are from abroad can plan something and do it in the space. (e.g. An event which foreigner read out picture books in her/his mother tongue.
  • Other interesting things…


According to my plan as of now, fees would be free for those who are under 25 years old, and 100 yen a time for those who are above 25 years old. Even they can have a cup of tea/coffee for free. Also bringing something to eat or drink is allowed.)

英会話スペース English conversation “Cafe”


This is like Eikaiwa-cafe which people come to converse in English over tea/coffee.


Since there is not so many places where Japanese use English daily, I wanted a place we can chat in English.

今のところの料金設定は According to my plan as of now, fees would be…

  • 1時間600円、2時間以上1000円(ワンドリンクサービスあり、飲食物持ち込みもOK)
  • ネイティブスピーカー・「だいたいネイティブ並みに話せるよ」という方・学生さんは半額
  • OPEN企画で、次回使えるクーポンを配ろうかと思っています
  • 600 yen for 1 hour/ 1000 yen for more than 2 hours (A cup of tea/coffee for free as well. Also bringing something to eat/drink is allowed.)
  • [Discount] Those who are English native speakers or can speak English almost as good as native speakers. Students: A half fees.
  • Also discount coupon is distributed during June, 2022.

一緒にスペース作りをしてみませんか?Feel free to join us to make the place better!


Those who have read this might be interested in Banana Kazoku. I’m happy for that.


Banana Kazoku is full of oppotunities. I think there are lots of things we can try there.


It would be lovely if you can help me to make the place better.

もしくは、一緒にやってみませんか? Even I want somebody who can make the place together.


Until now, I’m planning about Banana Kazoku while asking advices from people who are working on this field. My profile page is above (Sorry, Japanese only).


I am a mother of 2 years old child, and there is a limitation committed by only one person, thus I want friends who can make Banana Kazoku a better place together.








For example, I wanna work with people such as…

-A person who wants Japanese friends

-A person who wants to plan an event/meeting regarding her/his own culture or any other things

-A person who can voluntarily read Japanese documents from municipality/school/other organisations to those who cannot read Japanese (1-2 persons a day)

-A person who is an English native speaker and can voluntarily talk with people who come to Banana Kazoku (1-2 persons a day)

-A person who is from India or who loves Indian culture. I love India where I’ve done my M.A in Social Work. Therefore I wanna plan something related to India as well.

-A person who wants to do something about world and Japan


If you are interested in Banana Kazoku, why don’t you leave a message in the comment form below or from here.

こんな地域づくりの本も読んだりして勉強中です。(余談ですが、この本はとっても参考になっているので、興味のある方はぜひ読んでみてくださいね。松戸市立図書館にもありますよ。「ごちゃまぜで社会は変えられる」濱野将行さん著)Although it’s in Japanese, I am studying community organisation by reading books like below.