Since May, 2014 (English)

Since I came back from Bombay, I have been in Tokyo, my hometown. Still I haven’t got job yet.

After coming back, firstly I was working on my research thesis. I took a few months to complete English summary and Japanese summary. Then, I started applying jobs as a history teacher in Japanese high school. I sent CV to a few schools, n had meeting and exam…but I failed.

It was partly because I don’t have teaching experience (I only have teaching license.) , and partly because I had lost lots of knowledge about history(That’s why history teacher failed in history exam..hahaha.). Thus, I stopped applying job last month, and started focusing on studying history. I thought I should concentrate on studying at least for 1 month. But now I’m realizing that a month is not enough for me. So I have extended my study period by the end of November.

Even I have changed the timing to start a job. Earlier I thought I would start working whenever I get one while working on my book. (Yes, I was saying that I’d love to write a book about my experience in India.) However, I realized that once I start a job, I won’t get time to write a book. Therefore I decided to postpone starting working after March, 2015. Basically Japanese school year begins from April, so I am hoping somehow I will get a job which starts from April of coming year. Until then, I am focusing on studying history till the end of this month, then on writing a book from December.

Fortunately, as of now I am with my family at home. Even though I’m not earning, I have least money to live on. Although all my friends are working (either as a worker or as a wife) which gives me a tension, I decided to give myself some time to realize what I have wanted to accomplish. That’s why still I haven’t joined any job, however I have prepared to work.. I mean, even now I am working but just not getting any money. That’s all.

Apart from that, I am planning to do an internship in education-related NGO in Mumbai in the month of February, 2015. Because I thought my experience regarding education is not enough even though my area of interest is education. So I thought I would do another internship before starting working. Hopefully see some of my friends soon, hehe..

When I become a teacher, I will keep on teaching at least 5 to 10 years. For first a few years, I’m sure I won’t get any time but teaching, but slowly I wanna start work on education even in India or other developing countries. Also while teaching, I wanna talk about my experience in India to students. I would love to.


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